Metal facades with character

Winery Studier in Ellerstadt/Germany

We were allowed to deliver the facade of a winery in Ellerstadt for the Baumann company. The enormous element sizes of 1,500 x 6,000 mm, which are fastened concealed by means of an Agraffe system, were particularly interesting.

Our flexible and well-equipped machinery is of great help for the elements, some of which weigh up to 280 kg. On customer request, we delivered the CorTen steel sheets without pre-patination. Our pictures show the facade approx. 6 weeks after completion of the facade.

The play between scale and rust gives the surface a vivid appearance.

Mainmetall Halle an der Saale/Germany

Mainmetall is a medium-sized wholesale company for installation, heating and plumbing supplies. With a total of 19 branches Mainmetall supplies customers in the Rhine-Main region, Saxony & Saxony-Anhalt.

During the redesign of the exhibition area it was important that the facade looks modern and contemporary. It must radiate a high value, but must not put the focus on itself and distract from the exhibition objects.

After intensive consultation with Rheinzink’s field staff, the client decided on a custom-made panel system made of Rheinzink prePatina blue-grey with a few spots of powder-coated aluminium in the CI colour of Mainmetall.

Our mission was to manufacture the panels and profiles according to the exact specifications of the planning office BAP from Dessau. Altogether 222 profiles and 802 panels. With the help of a parametric work preparation we succeeded in making the production efficient and error-resistant.

All components were marked by us so that the assembly of the parts in a wild pattern optics is easy. We are pleased about a successful result and would like to thank the client and planner for their confidence and the company Rheinzink for their recommendation.

St. Edmunds Terrace London/Great Britain

The company Metallbau Früh GmbH from Umkirch near Freiburg/Germany is an internationally active company in the field of glass construction and metal design. As with other major projects in the past, we are partner and supplier of the copper shingles for the facade cladding in the St. Edmunds Terrace construction project, an exclusive residential complex near London Zoo.

The task was to produce 8,800 facade shingles on a tight schedule with high precision and dimensional accuracy. In order to minimise the waste of the high-priced materials, we optimised the formats of the rhombuses in coordination with the company Früh and the customer. With our punching and edging centres, which are linked to form a production chain, we can automate the processes as far as possible, resulting in a low unit price for our customers. Thanks to digital production data, we are also able to produce subsequent deliveries at short notice for additional areas.

The combination of different surfaces made of copper and copper alloys (Tecu-Oxide, Tecu-Brass and Tecu-Gold) results in an entertaining, very high-quality appearance.

Winery Kruger-Rumpf/Germany

The Kruger-Rumpf winery’s vineyards are situated at steep slopes in a narrow side valley of the river Nahe in Rheinhessen. These sites are known for top wines. The Rumpf family commissioned the architecture office Molter-Linnemann from Kaiserslautern to build a cosy wine bar.

Mrs. Molter had announced to visit us for a consultation.

In the weeks prior to this appointment, we had redecorated our office and picked up an old idea of braiding metal strips. The background was that we had a large number of copper strips as scrap in a previous construction project which seemed too good to be disposed of. So we covered our cabinet doors with the wickerwork.

Mrs. Molter was very surprised when she entered our office for the first time and saw these doors. In fact, she had developed the same idea with the same material and in almost the same proportions. The implementation of the copper mesh caused enthusiasm at the Kruger-Rumpf winery. In addition, backlighting the facade creates a very special atmosphere.

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